Warrior Edit

Warriors are always in pursuit of raw strength and power. They specialize in close melee combat and try to overpower their foes with brute strength. Their abundance of health and use of battle armor allow them to absorb a multitude of attacks. The warriors balance in offensive and defensive abilities make them the ideal class for most combat situations.

Magician Edit

Magicians dedicate themselves to the study of magic. They are highly passionate about magic and spend years learning about its capabilities. Magicians may appear to be oblivious or goofy at times, but they are wise beyond their years. The combination of wisdom, knowledge, and magic produce limitless possibilities. Though Magicians are physically weak, their strength lies within powerful magic attacks and healing abilities.

Archer Edit

More nimble than any other class, archers produce powerful damage from long distances. Their specialization in bows and arrows allow them to target their foes with precision. In order to be effective, they have learned to use quick hit-and-run tactics. This has also helped them be evasive as they are not physically strong.